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Brilliant Ideas Episode #38: Do Ho Suh

A house was set up in the exhibition space. Everything including the furniture, rooms, and toilet used by the resident remained intact in the house. The house made of translucent cloth is not only in an overwhelming scale but also considerably detailed. With the Korean traditional house where he had lived recreated with thin silk, Do Ho Suh became famous ...

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Technology – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Smart Caring, Hyundai Motor Company’s promise for customer satisfaction Every product from Hyundai Motor Company always aims for the customers to feel the ‘Caring’ factor. Hyundai Motor Company’s product value lies in the effort to enrich the customers’ life with brilliance, by enhancing the fundamental performances and pursuing the emotional satisfaction at the same time. Now, we proudly represent such ...

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Eco – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

We will open the doors into the future mobility with diverse energy sources. The future eco mobility Hyundai thinks starts from offering various technologies to suit everyone’s needs, ranging from the limitless, ultimate energy source hydrogen, to electricity and hybrid of energy sources. Source link

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Highlight #21: The center of contemporary art

15 September ~ 20 September 2015_Berlin Art lovers from around the world are gathered in Berlin for the fourth Berlin Art Week, which runs for six days from September 15 to 20, 2015. This year’s edition begins with an invitation to seven different locations across the city of Berlin, and progresses into a range of events. Exhibitors include abc art ...

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