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2017 Hyundai Ioniq First Drive: Gauntlet thrown

– Santa Barbara, California Everyone wants to challenge the king. When Hyundai set out to create the Ioniq – a new model that would come with three vastly different powertrains, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and all-electric – the directive was to give it the world’s best fuel economy. This was, of course, years before anyone knew just how efficient the next-gen ...

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Devour freeways without breaking a sweat

– Detroit, MIchigan My colleague Steve is correct that the Audi RS7 is face-meltingly good, an incredible demonstration of all the four-ringed brand’s best performance-car knowledge. Yet I submit that using it for my daily commute is like using a nail gun to assemble Ikea furniture: excessive and, perhaps, dangerous. Don’t get me wrong, I love horsepower and adore the ...

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Brilliant Ideas Episode #39: Tiffany Chung

Vietnamese-American multimedia artist Tiffany Chung engraved her name in the international art scene with her map artworks. Born in Da Nang, Vietnam, she moved to America with her family after the Vietnam War, studied in California, and returned to Ho Chi Minh City. Her experiences as a refugee greatly affected the establishment of her artistic world. Being an artist, a ...

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